We believe that being open and honest with our clients is the only way to conduct business. You deserve to understand what is going on with your unit, and how long it will take to get going again. After all, your business depends on how we conduct our business. We promise honest and cost-effective work that is on time, every time. Hopefully, this is a different philosophy than what you’re used to hearing, or maybe you’re tired of hearing companies say this but fail to deliver on it. Either way, it’s a very important promise that GHT makes to you. It’s who we are and what we live by.

5 Traits We Want You to Notice about GHT:

1. We will give you an honest opinion.
Cooling systems have been our expertise for more than 30 years. Let us take care of them for you. 

2. We will fix it if it is possible.
We do not shy away from work that is difficult, nor will we overpromise. If it can be done, then we will do it.

3. You can count on us.
If we say it will be ready on Thursday, then it will be–Guaranteed.

4. We stand behind what we do.
We have the most experienced people in the industry supporting our work and we offer an excellent warranty.

5. We love what we do and will always be happy to work with you.
We excel in what we do because we love to do it and it shows. In fact, most of our business is from loyal clients.

Unparalleled Expertise and Capability
Why would you send your cooling system to a shop that has limited experience and knowledge? Why not send it to one of the world’s leading repair facilities to have it expertly assessed and worked on?

We offer cooling system repair facilities around the globe. With the expertise that our international partners bring to the table, we encounter industry problems and come up with industry leading solutions before many people even know the problem exists.

If you’ve read this far then you are probably interested in what we do and we appreciate you taking your time to learn more about us. So why not give us a shout and see what we can do for you? You can also call us if you would like a tour of our facilities. We’ll be glad to see you.